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This weeks feature is Palesa Koitsioe. Palesa is a Mindset and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Her pronouns are ‘She/Her/Hers’. Through Imbali Bloom Consulting, she is able to offer (i) a one-on-one mindset coaching program and, (ii) personal and group identity workshops (for corporate and grassroots organizations). Palesa was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and comes from a strong-knit family. It was in her childhood that she learnt how to create meaningful and successful relationships; this set her up to thrive in social settings.She also has a background in Psychology and Neuroscience; and graduated with Honours from the University of the Witwatersrand. Palesa is multi-passionate and is a multi-potentialite. Her creative endeavours include writing and performing poetry, singing and songwriting, and writing...

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Below are just a few women from our past who need to be recognized today and every day:Marie Curie, 1867 - 1934. The first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, as well as then receive a second. A chemist and physicist, known for her work in radioactivity. She unexpectedly didn’t decide to patent her radium-isolation process, so that later on, scientists would be able to continue research unscathed. She died at 66, from exposure to radiation from her work at field hospitals in World War II.Marlene Dietrich, 1901 - 1992. German born, American actress and singer. Her career spanned from the 1910s - 1980s. Dietrich quickly became the highest paid actress of her time. During the war she was well-known...

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Ever have an insurmountable pressure of dismay in the very pit of your stomach? Your throat? And maybe you already know what anxiety feels like. But this overwhelming longing comes post-research, post-news, post-podcast, post-conversation about climate change. It comes as an overwhelming build-up, a pain of the unknown. The realities of our human species, our continuous detriments, and the seemingly ever impending doom of our earth. This can be classified as eco-anxiety.What is eco-anxiety??? Gizmodo. Climate psychologist Caroline Hickman, spoke on the Climate Crisis Conversation podcast in 2019, discussing the realms of our relationship with eco-anxiety, including giving it a definitive term. When discussing coining a term for eco-anxiety, “That anxiety, that grief, and rage, is the pain and the...

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Today's feature is such a bad arse! Chitinthi Tembo (Tinthi for short) is an activist for equal representation of bipoc people specifically in the arts scene and community advocate for diversity and inclusion.She has been in the creative scene since moving to Vancouver in 2012. Curating Art shows and attending events. She couldn't help noticing a common thread, that she was always the only black person within space and place. So in 2019 she launched a company called @origin.papers with 2 friends, they focused on telling stories from emerging creatives versus established ones. The gaps became clear, discrimination was at the forefront. She has always been an advocate for diversity and inclusion, however, ready to take matters into her own...

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Amanda McCarty is the amazing woman behind the Clotheshorse Podcast that you have no doubt heard me raving about. Not only has she created in my opinion one of the most important podcasts of our time, but she has also built a community and movement of people who are dedicated to change the way we think about fashion, sustainability and consumerism, through education and inspired action. Amanda does deep research on the environmental, social and economic impacts of the fashion industry, as well as human rights issues, capitalism, and consumerism. In other words, she does the hard work, then sums up her findings into interesting, entertaining and easy-to-understand audio on the Clotheshorse podcast, and also through her very inspiring and...

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