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Happy Earth Day! Have 30% Off!

Happy Earth Day! Have 30% Off!

🌍 HAPPY EARTH DAY! 🌍 Everyday is earth day for us!

Here’s some cold hard facts about why caring about the planet and doing your part to reduce your global footprint is so important...

♻️ In 2019 we pumped a record 40.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air ♻️ If we continue doing what we are doing the world is on track to rise a catastrophic 3.2 degrees Celsius by the end of the decade more than double what it would take to do irreversible damage to the planet ♻️ By 2048 it is reported we will have a fishless ocean, due to over fishing, ocean acidification and ocean temperatures rising ♻️ Over the next 100 years scientists predict 50% of earth’s species will be extinct but just in the next decade alone humans will drive this rate of extinction up 10 times faster than normal ♻️ increased ocean acidification kills phytoplankton, (along with other ocean species) which supplies HALF of the world’s oxygen supply ♻️extrême weather events such as wildfires, drought, flooding hurricanes etc has doubled globally in the last decade🤯

The good news! ... we can change this, by changing our behavior: 🌿buy second hand clothing 🌿eat a predominantly plant based diet 🌿use less plastic 🌿buy local 🌿car pool 🌿fly less 🌿Reduce. Re-use. Recycle

Sounds pretty easy to us! To celebrate we are giving y’all 30% off all vintage clothing on our website! Use the code: "earthdaybaby"

xx TVU

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