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Tanya Kong from Kong Law WOMAN WEDNESDAY

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Today’s inspirational girl boss is @tko.82 Tanya owns @konglaw2020 here in Function, and helps businesses get all the legal things they need to be set up for success!!⚡️⚡️

1. Where’d you grow up and where do you live now? Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, then spent most of my life in and around Ontario living and studying and now I live and work out of Function Junction, Whistler (since 2015).   2. What is your definition of strength? WOW. Great question. I would define strength as the optimal ability to support one's self and one's community while being immune to the many (unnecessary) judgements and criticisms of other people. Strength is a lot about independence, authenticity and originality to me. It's about following what truly makes you shine, while not feeling like you need to conform to anyone else's expectations of you. Strength is about practicing self-care and self-love in our daily lives as our best means to find the strongest version of ourselves so we can fully support and give back to the people and communities around us. 3. What is something that’s important to you now that never used to be? Going slooooow. I'm very much an impatient person, with an instinct for always wanting instant results and I'll often race through every experience in my life, wanting to do all the things all the time. In the past, it was about valuing multi-tasking more than doing any one task really well. In the last few years, I've learned so much about the value of simplicity, quality over quantity, and the huge gains that come from steady and consistent commitment over an extended period of time. There's just so much richness to every moment that we only really see/know once we consciously choose to slow down, "look up" and enjoy. 4. How would you describe your style? Since moving to Whistler, my style has very much evolved from 'city girl' to 'mountain woman'. Haha. My closet today is also a quarter of the size of what it was when I lived in Toronto. Today, I think it's a balance of bright (or sometimes completely black), bold and contrasting patterns that represent my personality, while also always being cognizant of the sustainability and practicality (this is the mountains afterall!) of what I wear. I love the idea of owning less clothes overall, but spending more money on items that are made to last. Of course, any trip to the Re-Use It Center is an excuse to break that rule. I buy used wherever I can, with some exceptions when it comes to quality outdoor clothing or a really great pair of well fitting jeans. My favorite colours to wear are red, black, gold (or deep yellow) and white. 5. Favourite food to cook at home? So my favorite kitchen appliance of all time is the toaster oven and I use it religiously to make food. It's like an easy-bake oven for adults! My favorite meal (because it's the easiest and the tastiest) is chopping up a variety of veggies to roast (whatever you have in your fridge), tossing the raw veggies in warmed coconut oil/nutritional yeast/salt and any other seasoning I prefer, also adding in beans, nuts, seeds or even rice, throwing it in an oven-safe container and into the toaster oven for about 45mins -1hr. I'll go do some work while it's baking and before I even realize it - "DING!" - and I have a perfectly roasted veggie dish that literally took minutes to prepare.  6. What’re 3 books on your bookshelf? Dare to Lead - Brene Brown Bounce - Matthew Syed The Authenticity Project - Clare Pooley 7. What’s something you want to accomplish in the next year? I'm currently working on a side-hustle project for additional income and to express certain parts of me that I don't get to express practicing law. I'm hoping I'll be ready to launch it in a year.  Also, with Whistler and Squamish as the outdoor capitals of Canada and I'd love to get more involved in outdoor sports where I can. Being a city girl originally, a lot of outdoor sports are really new to me. I'm super keen to try rock climbing for the first time this summer. 8. Tell us something people would find surprising about you: I love to sing and I play piano and a little guitar. I don't have a piano in Whistler so it's been hard to keep up. I also get really shy when I sing, so have only really sang for myself and family.  9. Favourite movie? It's so hard to pick one!  Favorite recent movie: Knives Out on Prime video Favorite movie of all time? I'm not sure I can answer with one favorite movie! When I was 14, I memorized every line in Good Will Hunting. I just loved the dialogue and the story. I'm also a big fan of anything written by Woody Allen, and absolutely everything starring Meryl Streep. 10. How do you want people to remember you? Hmm...no one's ever asked me this before! I think I'd want people to remember me as someone that was genuinely caring and thoughtful in everything I did. I'd want to be remembered as someone that truly followed her heart, used her best talents to serve her community, and as someone that always listened attentively with empathy and gave each person the respect they innately deserve. I hope that whatever I do with my life, that it inspires others to do good too and find the best version of themselves. I'm really not interested in any personal legacy, but just hope that my good actions inspire more good action and my willingness to admit what makes me vulnerable inspires others to do the same. 

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