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WOMAN WEDNESDAY with my mum Christine Wheeler

Today's feature is my Mum @christinewheeler7 because this boss woman just turned 60 a few days ago!!

But not just because it was her birthday or because I'm obviously biased but this woman has truly weathered some storms! It's hard, to sum up, everything without going too deep into the challenges that make her story so inspirational, and I want to keep this positive so here it is in a nutshell.. she was married young, had 7 children, and spent 32 years in an abusive marriage. When she got out of the marriage at 54 years old she was left alone with no family support, with no career, and no steady financial income to fall back on, because she'd spent her entire life selflessly supporting my dad's dreams working for him and raising children. But now with nothing to hold her back, she went back to school and started studying property development, and she quickly found a way to use her settlement money to start a business that would generate income for years to come.

Until recently the business was thriving but because of Covid, like many of us, she was forced to diversify, so she went on the job hunt and started a brand new job as a buyers advocate (on top of running her business full time)! That's right at 60 years old this woman got her first "job" so to speak in 3 decades!

Often we are so worried about getting old thinking every decade we reach is another door closed, the end of a chapter in our lives and that anxiety creeps in that we are running out of time to do all the things we want to achieve or experience in life, but the fact that mum has just started a business and a brand new job at 60 is proof that age really is just a number and the only limit is your mind! It's never too late to follow your dreams or to strive to make a difference in this world! Happy Birthday, Mum!

1, where’d you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia and l now live on the peninsula in outer suburbs of Melbourne

2, what’s your definition of strength? my definition of strength is resilience mental and emotional strength, being able to keep on going and not to give up. What ever that looks like for different poeople. But there is allso physical strength that you loose as you get older and it takes perseverance and mental strength to work to keep it.

3, what’s something that is important to you now that never used to be?

All and any education is so important, l didnt think it was that important when l was young but l was uneducated then.

4, how would you describe your personal style?

My style is comfortable , easy and calming with soft colours and soft fabrics not loud or bright unless my mood feels that way.

5, Favorite food to cook at home?

My favourite food to cook at home is usually something sweet like brownies or muffins but sometimes l love making pies.

6, what are 3 books on your bookshelf?

Well l don’t read much but l am listening to an audio book , never split the difference, and next to my bed are the 7 day weekend, and 101 top ten tips in realestate.

7, Whats something you want to achieve in the next year?

l want to have finished a one into two development, started a 1 into 3 development, bought my own home or are doing another development to just split a block into three or more , subdivide and sell separately. And also to start laying the foundations of a housing project I want to start for single mums struggling with homelessness

8, Tell us something people would find surprising about you?

I used to be a surf lifesaver (Baywatch style lol)

9. What’s your favorite movie? Beaches starring Bette Midlar

10, How do you want people to remember you? l hope people remember me as a kind, caring and loving person.

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