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Today's feature is the vintage film extraordinaire and the brains behind a lot of @karenbeaches epic short films, Goldie Swan! Goldie Swan is an LA/NY filmmaker who specializes in nostalgia. All of her creativity is pulled from Old Hollywood cinema, The American New Wave era, Cindy Sherman, & Gregory Crewdson. She is obsessed with exploring the ugly and intimate secrets. Goldie Swan wants to give her audience a ride on a time machine, leaving them stimulated and on the edge of their seats.  Go check out her work @goldieswanproductions and tune in to our IG live this Friday at 6.30 PST where we'll be chatting about the process of making dope AF films and of course all things vintage! Here's our chat with her!1....

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WOMEN WEDNESDAY With Chantel Chapman

Today's inspiring woman is Chantel Chapman. Chantel is the co-founder of The Trauma of Money and founder of What The Finances, Chantel is considered a refreshing voice in the financial recovery and education space; renowned for her cutting-edge, relatable, and trauma-informed money guidance. I was first introduced to Chantel as a student through TOM. This program and Chantel's approach to financial literacy education truly is nothing short of groundbreaking. Most financial literacy programs out there really only address the surface-level stuff, but achieving financial stability is about so much more.What I found especially inspiring about Chantel's work is her focus on helping marginalized communities and the education she provides about oppressive colonial systems. Helping those who need it most achieve...

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Today's Woman Wednesday is the beautiful Avalon. Ava is a published plus-size model, pole dancer, and passionate advocate. She uses all of her platforms to normalize plus-size bodies; encouraging shameless and unapologetic self-love.Ava is passionate about advocacy work and loves to use her platform to make a difference. She works tirelessly on her craft as a full-time model and content creator, spending 70 hours a week working on all of her different platforms.In her words- "I would much rather influence giving back to communities than just influencing what large company you should purchase your clothes from" and we can't agree more! When she's not working, she's pole dancing, snowboarding, gaming, painting, and trail biking with her dog. You can follow her work...

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WOMAN WEDNESDAY With Karen Beaches

I'm super excited about today's Woman Wednesday and a little star struck because I'm obsessed with everything Karen does! I first came across her page from the coolest promo video for an IG live, that I've ever seen! A parody from She's all That and I've pretty much been hooked ever since!  Her style, films, acting and drag, are all such a blessing! Go check out her IG @karenbeaches Here's her a bit about her and our 10 questions!Karen Beaches is the friend you need most in your back pocket! I've always felt an icon of the silent movie era. Performance art has always played a big role in my drag and now I’ve found a way to combine it with my...

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Today's Woman Wednesday is Sophia Yang, Chinese name 杨雅程. Sophia is a proud Chinese-Canadian, who immigrated from China when she was 8. She is a Climate activist, Fashion Justice and Equity Consultant, anti-racism community organizer, aspiring techno DJ, and public speaker. In October 2020 she launched Threading Change (play-on-word of Spreading Change), a BIPOC youth-led ethical fashion and circular economy organization envisioning a future where fashion is ethical and circular, rooted in justice with climate, gender, and racial justice at the forefront. Threading Change works at the intersections of consumer education and industry transformation through their tri-impact model through education, policy, research, and storytelling. They know the problems in the industry don’t work in silos, and neither should the solutions. Threading Change...

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