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Let's Talk About Food on April 4, 2019

Let's Talk About Food on April 4, 2019

We think food is pretty awesome, not only is it pretty fun to shove down our mouth, it gives us energy, can heal disease, can boost our mood, make us feel happy, bring us together and a gazillion other awesome things.

So we are pretty excited to announce that our amazingly talented and knowledgable friend, and Certified Nutritional Practitioner behind Peaceful Easy Vegan Nutrition, Janelle Leclair, is hosting a series of FREE Nutritional talks in our cozy 70's velvet den!

You may or may not be aware that eating a plant based diet is one of the fastest growing food movements in history, with millions of people globally embracing compassionate eating for health, the animals and the environment.

If you are already part of this movement or you are curious about it and want to know more and how you can make it work for your lifestyle and budget, we are here to help!

Whether you're already eating plant based, a flexitarian, meat eater, pescatarian or anything in between; get down to funky town and talk about our favourite thing with us- FOOD!

We're so stoked to be able to share our knowledge with you so we can all live a more conscious and considerate life!

The events will start at 6.30 with 30-45 minutes of meet and greet, chit chat and snacks before we get down to biznuss!

Each event will have door prizes as well as each attendee will receive an entry for a grand prize that we will draw on the last talk for the season.

The talks are FREE so no ticket is needed but please click attending on our event if you are coming so we can gauge how much floor space we'll need, and how many treats to bake for us all to eat!

As we said before this is not just for "vegans" we would love to encourage as many people as possible to come! Even if you're just coming for free snacks we would love to see you all down here, so please bring your whole crew!

Get your calendar out and put these dates in...

Feb 21 - "Vegan 4 Mental Health"

- Topics will include supplements, digestion, SAD, brain-gut connection.

Mar 7 - "Vegan 4 Powerful Women"

- International Women's Day is March 8! Topics will include supplements, menstruation, hormones.

Mar 21 - "Vegan 4 Mountain Adventures"

- Topics will include snacks, fitness, protein, camping.

Apr 4 - "Vegan 4 Whis Life"

- Topics will include hangover food, munchies, staying healthy while partying.

Here's a little bit more about our girl Janelle too!!

Janelle Leclair is the Certified Nutritional Practitioner behind Peaceful Easy Vegan Nutrition. As a Holistic Nutritionist practicing in the Sea to Sky corridor, she specializes in working with families, youth, and individuals to inspire and implement healthy eating and lifestyle habits tailored to their unique selves and their personal wellness goals. She also helps families and individuals who want to transition to a more plant-based lifestyle to benefit their health, the planet, and the animals, as well as those who just want to feel better by eating more whole foods.


See ya'll there!! xxx

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