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Mother Sun on July 19, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Mother Sun will be tearing up the stage this month!!! Hailing from Kamloops, BC the four- piece will be makin sweet sweet love to our eardrums with their psychedelia influenced pop and rock fusion.

“Mother Sun creates warmth, drawing vivid colours from the sounds that surround. Combining deliberate psych-pop arrangements with a measured amount of absurdity, the band produces thought-provoking music that weaves wistful melody through vibrant tones and intricate grooves.”

We are so excited for this one, you absolutely do not want to miss out!! You know the drill, book work off, gather your crew and get down to funky town!

Cheap booze, great tunes and a crowd of Whistlers finest!

Entry by donation.

Muchos loveos, TVU xx