Vintage clothing stores are gaining popularity as people look to stand out and access rare styles. Having the ability to offer brand names at a fraction of the cost while also re-purposing clothes and offering all this online is extremely exciting. – The Velvet Underground Shop


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What makes vintage clothing stores unique?

What makes vintage clothing stores unique?

Vintage clothing stores are gaining popularity as more people look to stand out and find their own unique style. 


Whether its the thrill of finding unique items, the nostalgia and appreciation for the history of vintage, or the possibility of finding designer brands for less the impending explosion of the vintage and second-hand clothing industry is an exciting time and vintage stores are the best place to go to get in on the action!

Vintage Clothing Store in Whistler BC

So why is shopping for vintage clothing different?

  1. It is more environmentally friendly to buy and re-use clothing.

Vintage is back in style, and people constantly search for what's hot. People who shop vintage do so for many reasons but from our research, one key reason that came up time and time again was to move closer to a more ethical and responsible wardrobe. The fashion industry produces 10% of the worlds carbon emissions so it's no surprise that consumers are looking to cut back their impact by shopping secondhand. 

Before you buy your next piece of clothing new, consider if you can purchase it used instead. Many online vintage retailers are working to embrace sustainability at all costs by embarking on the labour-intensive process of selling their one-of-a-kind second-hand clothing online, so shopping responsibly has never been easier! 

  1. Vintage clothing can be less expensive.

Along with being great for the planet, shopping for vintage clothes is good for your wallet. Buying second-hand designer brands is a great way to get those high ticket prices for less. It's also a great way to buy quality clothes for less, while no one not even vintage and thrift stores can compete with the exploitive prices of Shein and other massive fast fashion brands, we can offer you unique clothes that have stood the test of time for a great and fair price! Remember quality over quantity saves you money too because you don't have to buy as much or as often!

  1. Vintage clothing is unique.

Being stylish has been important to people since the dawn of time. Traditionally items that are rare hold more value and supply and demand is largely the driving force for whats "cool" or not. As our clothing market over the past 20 years has been flooded with billions of cheaply made and mass produced clothing from fast fashion retailers consumers are now craving unique and rare items.

Enter -the rise in popularity of the Vintage market.

Vintage clothing aka clothing 20 years or older, can not be found in every department store in multiple different sizes so you know you won't find anyone wearing what you have.

Vintage Clothing Store - Whistler BC

What else makes vintage so on trend right now? Well, fashion and trends repeat themselves so therefore when you wear vintage you can wear the latest trends and even be ahead of current trends by pre-empting vintage looks coming back into style. Another great and stylish benefit to shopping vintage is that it forces you to find your own unique personal style because you can't buy the exact copies of what you see in stores, and having a personal style is the epitome "cool" 

When you buy vintage clothing, the environment thanks you!

When people think about buying vintage clothes, they likely imagine getting a good deal and finding that one piece that is usually way out of their budget. But you have to remember that by buying vintage, you are going further than money. You are choosing to support existing businesses that reuse old items, and reducing the consumption of new items.

Vintage clothing will always exist, alongside new clothes and designer labels. However, the critical difference is that vintage items are one-of-a-kind, they support the environment, and our own sense of creative expression, while new items are mass-produced and have a massive negative environmental impact with no room for genuine creativity. 

Maybe fashion isn't about looking good as much as it is about feeling good.

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