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WOMAN WEDNESDAY With Brittany Stephenson

WOMAN WEDNESDAY With Brittany Stephenson

Britt is a Certified Yoga teacher + Reiki practitioner. She is a firm believer that mother nature has given us absolutely everything we need to not only survive but thrive. With that, she honours mother nature as much as possible through her work, using aromatherapy, crystals, breath work + yoga, to enhance one's wellness.

You can find her hosting our intimate woman + moon circles, guiding our Monday yoga classes at Velvet, doing intimate one on one classes for yoga, meditation, cacao and moon ceremonies, as well as holding down her other full-time job as the manager at @creekbread!

She is also very active on her Instagram @britteb where she shares lots of helpful and enlightening tips on harnessing the power of mother nature through yoga, breath work, rituals and spiritual practices as well as some fun weekly IGTV programs like Wine Wednesdays. Go follow her, if you're like me and want to know how to make the most of the moon cycles, but don't know what it is exactly that you're supposed to do on them! FYI tomorrow is the Wolf moon and Britt will no doubt be telling us all about it!

Britt is also currently working on her passion project setting up her very own platform called The Petal Studio where all of her offerings will be accessible in one place so stay tuned for that! In the meantime join us for our Monday yoga classes! (link is in our bio)

Here's our chat with her.

1. Where’d you grow up and where do you live now?

I originally grew up in a suburb called Brampton which is part of Ontario but now I'm fortunate enough to call Whistler my home!

 2. What is your definition of strength?

Remaining Soft. Not allowing any hardships, defeats, experiences harden your heart. It takes a lot of courage + resilience but through time, like a muscle its gets stronger.

3. What is something thats important to you now that never used to be?

Actually prioritizing myself and my needs. It's a practice I still need to work towards. Scraping the surface level self care and getting down and dirty within.

 4. How would you describe your style?

Haha, my dear ex called it “modest but f*uckable” that came to mind. Sheesh. It's a balance between masculine + feminine. Oversized paired with lace. Lots of earthy tones.

 5. Favourite food to cook at home?

Ouuuf the kitchen is therapy for me. But off the bat, Mexican. Schhpicy+nicey. Plant based and shared with others.

 6.Whats 3 books on your book shelf?

Braiding Sweetgrass

Earth Medicine

Essays in Zen Buddhism

 7. Whats something you want to accomplish within the next year?

I have a product currently in the making so if all goes to the plan that should be out for release real soon! Fingers and toes crossed.

 8. Tell us something people would find surprising about you?

I'm incredibly sensitive. Those who know me well, this isn’t a surprise. Im sensitive towards myself and others quite deeply. I think because of my fiery personality people may over see that side of me.

 9. Favourite movie?

Into the wild.

 10. How do you want people to remember you?

That I was a being of passion. All in. In all areas of my life.

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