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WOMAN WEDNESDAY With Nicoletter Richer From Green Moustache

WOMAN WEDNESDAY With Nicoletter Richer From Green Moustache

Today’s inspirational woman is this absolute go-getter, Nicolette Richer!! Nicolette is a Regenerative Medicine Health Educator, entrepreneur, author, Doctoral student and speaker. She is a savvy wellness facilitator and a renowned environmental and sustainability expert, with an insatiable desire to learn and educate. Nicolette transforms people with chronic disease into conquerors of their condition through metabolic nutrition & detoxification. Nicolette informs, inspires and invigorates, helping individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve peak performance and productivity. Here in Whistler, a lot us may know her best as the founder and CEO of The Green Moustache but, that is really just the tip of the iceberg! On top of running that empire, she is also the founder and CEO Richer Health, Sea to Sky Thrivers and the Richer Health Nutrition and Wellness centre. She has 15+ years as a regenerative medicine health educator, and 20+ years as a speaker including a TED X talk and Dragons Den!!! 🤯🤯 The list goes on! Her mission is to help 22 million people in North America reverse their chronic degenerative disease by the year 2030!! How awesome is that!? Honestly, this woman is so inspiring! Go follow her on all the socials to watch this boss babe kick butt! 👊🏽🔥💯 @nicolettericher @seatoskythrivers @greenmoustachecafe @richerhealthretreatcentre

Here’s our chat with her

1. Where’d you grow up and where do you live now?

I was born in Malawi and moved to Vancouver BC when I was 4. I grew up in the lower mainland and moved to Whistler in 2008. I now live in Pemberton.

2. What is your definition of strength?

Someone who has the ability to view the world and put their bias aside, learn new things every day and shift their world views so they can evolve to continue to make the world a better, just and inclusive place for everyone to live. This includes animals, people both young and old, rocks, trees and soil included!

3. What is something that’s important to you now that never used to be?

Connecting with my heritage. I grew up in a white society but always felt a bit different as I am part Indian, African and Austrian. Connecting with my ancestry in all areas is now very important to me.

4. How would you describe your style?

Bohemian by night and wannabe Eileen Fisher by day! Maybe a little wannabe hipster on the weekend 🙂 I dream of wearing tutus!

5. Favourite food to cook at home?

Steamed greens with homemade potato wedges with lime and black pepper!

6. What’re 3 books on your bookshelf?

Indigenous Research Methodology, Saving Farmland and Narrative Medicine.

7. What’s something you want to accomplish in the next year?

To run and ride across Canada in 75 days spreading the word that food is medicine! More on the mission here: https://www.richerhealth.ca/22m-strong

8. Tell us something people would find surprising about you.

I got lost in the Golden Triangle and was found by a Burmese refugee.

9. Favourite movie?

Dirty Dancing or Top Gun...it is a tie!

10. How do you want people to remember you?

As someone who helped them find the relationship between food and health to help keep themselves and their families free of disease.

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