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Who We Are

Here at Velvet our mission is to promote sustainability and self-expression through the art of pre-loved fashion. 

We believe the key to inspiring change is through education and transparency. We want to uncover the impact of overconsumption and to break the mentality that new is "better". Empowering you to make choices that align with a more sustainable future is our highest priority. 

All of our vintage and second-hand items are handpicked and purchased by us from big warehouses, right before they would have been shipped overseas to inevitably end up in a landfill.

Our new products are curated by us from local small businesses that align with our values.

We are so much more than just a vintage clothing store, we are a community of people driven to make a positive impact on the people around us and the planet we live on.

The Back Story

Hi, I’m Amy, the founder of The Velvet Underground Shop! 

I started selling vintage way back from my bedroom in a big Whistler share house, throwing “clothes and wine parties” for my friends. 

At that time I mostly used to make apparel from scratch for my OG brand @hmuapparel and the “selling of my wardrobe” was my little side hustle. 

Eventually, I got a hold of a commercial space for my sewing studio, but quickly realized it was the vintage and thrift that people wanted, so when the warehouse below the studio became available I jumped headfirst into another 2 businesses. 

Opening a vegan cafe at the same time....because why not?  (I figured seeing as I used to be  a chef in fine dining restaurants that would be the easy part) of course, it was far from easy! (More about the adventures of my business “what not to do’s” on my personal ig @the_velvetunderdog) 

Anyway, for a minute we were doing it all, my own clothing brand, a vegan cafe, a vintage store, live music, markets, and everything in between, it was a pretty wild ride, to say the least. 

Fast forward a year and half to when the pandemic hit and I was forced to take my foot off the gas and restructure but as fate would have it we found a brand new location in the heart of Whistler Village! 

Sadly we couldn’t bring the cafe with us, but we are thriving in the new space and we know we’ll find a way to get it back eventually!   

So here we are! 

Still hustling, still on a mission to make a difference and do cool things for the people and the planet! 

Meet The Team

An image of the Velvet Undergrounds team member Meg, wearing some vintage clothes

Meg - Operations Manager

I'm Meg, the one you'll find in store every Friday-Sunday helping you find exactly what you need!

I grew up in Melbourne Australia and moved to Whistler in 2015 and have been here ever since.

I studied conservation and land management in Uni before deferring and moving over here. Knowing sustainability doesn't have a specific category, I've always been passionate about the environment and wanted to be a town planner (like my Dad) to try and plan for a sustainable future in our constantly evolving world.

I always knew I would work in the sustainability field, but finding the right career fit was something I had been searching for–until I found Velvet.

I am super excited and passionate about the purpose of Velvet and find so much joy helping people shop second-hand! I truly LOVE MY JOB xxx

An image of the Velvet Undergrounds team member Bronte, wearing some vintage clothes

Brontë - Social media manager & creative director for Upcycling

Hello! My name is Bronte and I manage the new inventory that we get here at Velvet.

I've always loves fashion and luckily frew up with a mother who introduced me to the world of thrifting. Buying second-hand has been the norm for me since before I even understood how it can help minimize your environmental footprint! I learned to sew by altering all of the clothes I would buy from thrift stores and have recently started my own brand through Instagram @Che.shoppe where I design and sew all of my pieces from mostly reworked/recycled materials! I love giving pieces a new life and having other wear clothes that I make!

I started to really delve into environmental issues in high school and studied environmental studies and global development in university, graduating in 2021. Working a job that lets me meld my love of fashion and passing for the environment has been a dream come true. I hope Velvet can provide everyone with the same creative, inviting and fun space that it has for me!

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