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One of our favorite things about vintage is that it encourages all of us to find our own personal style. Unlike fast fashion which perpetuates lack of individuality and comparison. Vintage and second hand helps us become more of ourselves!

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Environmentally Conscious

Making concious decissions to make less of an enviromental impact is at the core of everything we do. From our packaging, to everything we sell, and the organizations we support.

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Ethical Fashion

The most sustainable clothing is what already exists.

That's why we only sell secondhand, up-cycled or clothing made from dead stock fabrics.

We know that all mass produced clothing made today is made at the hands of modern day slavery. Which is why we refuse to stock any new clothing by big brands no matter how trendy it might be, and you'll never see us selling merch on a new t-shirt!

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The Velvet Underground

We have moved!

our new address is

4433 Sundial place, Whistler BC

(Between Naked Sprout and Tmc Free Riderz right on the village stroll)

Hours- 11-7 Tuesday -Sunday

Office: *primary* (604) 698-9683

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