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Fast Fashion

Did you know that fast fashion isn’t just your typical brands like @sheinofficial @hm @boohoo yes they are some of the main culprits but most new clothing made today no matter what the price IS ALSO FAST FASHION
We’re talking Urban outfitters, Victoria secret Aritzia, Nike, Zara, Skims, Lulu lemon, and so much more, practically every big brand is unfortunately fast fashion
What makes something fast fashion?
Mostly the volume that it is produced and sold. When items are sold in huge quantities, we’re talking hundreds of millions of units you can bet that
1. there is a tonne of waste created in producing the items
2. They were made by garment workers who aren’t paid a living wage
3. They have little to no re-sale value ( Because so many of the same items are produced and they’re poor quality and fleeting trends) so they’ll end up in landfills
4. They’re made of polyester (aka plastic) and dyed with toxic chemicals - because eco friendly is expensive and expensive eats profits which doesn’t sit well with share holders
I have so much to say about all aspects of fast fashion and shopping ethically but let’s start here
Please know that most of what you buy new today from big brands will end up in the trash rotting in landfills in exploited countries.
Big brands are not producing future vintage they are producing future garbage.
If you need to buy something new do it consciously, buy from small brands when you can and if you can’t, buy only what you need, not a new dress every other week.

Social Impact

The fast fashion industry has been criticized for its ethical treatment of employees for decades. 

Human rights, the environment, and workers’ rights get lost when everything in the fashion industry is focused on profits. Garment factories are forced to produce products at such low costs, resulting in workers’ safety and wages being sacrificed. 

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Environmental Impact

Did you know that one garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second?Around 85% of these clothes end up in landfills or are burned. Fast fashion is the second most wasteful industry behind gas.

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