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Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is the mass production of high fashion designs sold at a cheap cost. It's no secret that the impact of fast fashion and over consumption is a huge contributing factor to global warming, but how bad exactly is it?

Read below for details on the Social, Environmental, and Economic impact of the fashion industry and consumerism, and how shopping second hand is the second best option to not buying anything at all.

Social Impact

The fast fashion industry has been criticized for its ethical treatment of employees for decades. 

Human rights, the environment, and workers’ rights get lost when everything in the fashion industry is focused on profits. Garment factories are forced to produce products at such low costs, resulting in workers’ safety and wages being sacrificed. 

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Environmental Impact

Did you know that one garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second?Around 85% of these clothes end up in landfills or are burned. Fast fashion is the second most wasteful industry behind gas.

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Economic Impact

More than 500 billion USD in the fast fashion industry is wasted annually as a result of too many clothes being produced and not worn.  If the clothing industry reduced the number of garments produced, that excess money could be put into helping our environment rather than destroying it.

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