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WOMAN WEDNESDAY with Helen Hamilton from “Dream Big Vintage”

WOMEN WEDNESDAY That's right, today's feature is plural because we have the 2 amazing gals from Whistler's @dreambigvintagecollective ! Continuing our theme for this month, these two ladies are currently killing it in the sustainable fashion game! First up is one half of Dream Big Helen Hamilton. Helen is an absolute hustler and another tough woman to sum up in just a few sentences but here goes...! Throughout her 20's, Helen worked as a professional makeup artist, as well as recording, playing and touring in various bands. She also managed and performed with a professional party band, rocking it at big events for the likes of Google and Huawei, all before moving to Canada in early 2018. It was here that she met best friend Cat Leduc, both working behind the coffee machine at @mountcurriecoffee . The pair clicked instantly, sharing a similar style and a mutual dream to start their own local brand. With a helping hand from Helen's past experience in fashion and events, they formed the Dream Big Vintage Collective - a pre-loved and vintage clothing monthly pop-up shop, with the idea to offer both Whistler and Squamish something fun and different to do in the evenings. On top of holding down her barista gig at Mount Currie Coffee, Helen combines running regular Dream Big pop-up events with freelance make-up artist work, vocals for TV commercials, marketing and design work, annnnnnnd if that wasn't enough she also regularly performs music in a duo called Little Earthquakes. Here's our little interview with her!

1. Where’d you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up just south of London in the UK in a small town called Epsom. I now live in a beautiful old house surrounded by trees in Emerald, Whistler.

2. What is your definition of strength?

To be able to confront and face the darker and lonelier moments that can crop up in life, without reaching for any vices or leaning on anyone and learn to find a deep sense within yourself that everything's going to be ok.

3. What is something that’s important to you now that never used to be?

Rest. I've learned when and how to say no to things and stay at home when my body is calling for some time out.

4. How would you describe your style?

Eight-year old Stranger Things boy-style - mostly stripe tees, overalls, toques and little muscly arms!

5. Favourite food to cook at home?

During COVID my three housemates and I have been rotating cooking duties and we're about to hit our 100th meal together. My favourite one to cook is probably roasted yam and zucchini risotto. I also love making desserts - during COVID we made authentic Spanish Churros Con Chocolate one night and laughed so hard as we squeezed the little Churros poos out of the piping bag into the oil.

6. What’re 3 books on your bookshelf?

The Upward Spiral by Alex KorbThe Law of Attraction by Michael J LosierWhy We Sleep by Matthew Walker

7. What’s something you want to accomplish in the next year?

I want to be doing some bigger bike park jumps on my mountain bike.

8. Tell us something people would find surprising about you

I've been married before and got divorced last year after six years separated, so I could complete my PR and stay in Canada. I came to Whistler pretty late in life compared to the norm, starting life here age 33. I believe it's never too late to completely change your life.

9. Favourite movie?

It's near impossible to pick just one, but a few that have left a big impression on me would be Life Is Beautiful, The Motorcycle Diaries and Captain Fantastic.

10. How do you want people to remember you?

As warm-hearted and inspiring in some way, however small.

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