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Tanglers on April 27, 2019

Tanglers on April 27, 2019

Do you miss watching live music? Love a boogy on the D Floor to some good ol' rock music? Well look no further, as we present to you, a wild wild night filled with music, beers, dancing and good times!!!

Introducing TANGLERS : Formed in the early summer of 2016, four friends came together to create the holey mess that is TANGLERS. Essentially it’s a band of brothers, dads on bass, and he loves to rock. Drawing inspiration from all kinds of genres, TANGLERS craft unique tunes often dubbed as “soft psych”, “indie folk”, “surf”, and sometimes even “disastrous”. They bring a distinct energy to the stage; bobbing, bumping, and occasionally smiling.

These guys, hailing from Vancouver, are gonna be here for one night down in Funky Town to rock ur socks off!!! This FREE show will be one for the ages. You know the drill, book work off, gather your troops and get down to our velvet den of DREAMZ and shit will get a little weird once again!

See ya when we're looking at ya!!!


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